10 Ways to Build Her Curl Confidence


If your little one has the curly girl blues (or you’re just insecure about her developing an inferior hair complex) – don’t despair! We put together a few quick tips on how you can preempt the curly girl woes and help her build confidence in her locks at a young age. 

1. Instill a sense of hair love now 

The sooner you encourage her to appreciate what she was born with the easier it will be as she starts to become older and more aware of how her hair may be different than others’.

2. Let her draw attention to it 

Allow her to embrace her hair’s unique personality. Let her wear it out, wild, and untamed if she wants. Try to not hinder her using her hair as a means of self expression. 

3. Have experimenting moments

Turn hair wash day into a fun-filled trial of tools and products. Curly girls have a unique set of challenges (or opportunities) they must deal with to tame their manes. Understanding these characteristics early on is a plus! 

4. Point out inspirational examples 

Don’t hesitate to draw her attention to other girls or women who have hair similar to hers – especially amongst her peer group. She’ll grow prouder of her own hair with every example she’s exposed to. 

5. Host hair parties with friends

Hair parties can be an incredible way to reveal the similarities and understand the differences she has with other girls her age. We tend to think the grass is always greener on the other side until we become aware of someone else’s ups and downs. In the midst of all the fun, she’ll learn to be appreciative of what she was endowed with.  

6. Teach her proper upkeep 

It is important to teach her how to maintain her hair to alleviate many of the issues that often cause hair frustration. Knowing how/when to wash, condition, and trim are basics that will keep her hair healthy, manageable, and easier to love. 

7. Use positive reinforcement 

Try not to use words, phrases, or mannerisms that evoke negative emotions in relation to her hair. Be sensitive to how you react (especially when she starts wanting to style her hair on her own). Little offhanded comments can go a long way so try to make sure they do more good than harm.  

8. Celebrate the good hair days 

To the point above, go out of your way to make a point when your little one is looking exceptionally adorable. Of course you’ll praise her on a daily basis but specifically call out the shine and bounce of those curls every now and then!

9. Create “bad hair day” coping mechanisms 

And when the inevitable happens (and it will), teach her the tips and tricks she’ll need to still feel good even when the curls seem like their in disarray. Armed with an arsenal of super cute accessories and go-to hairstyles she’ll be able to bounce back from disappointing hair moments.  

10. Be her hair model 

Overall, she’ll look to you for cues on how to perceive herself. Regardless if your hair type is different or similar to hers, she’ll develop her sense of hair love (or hate) from how you interact with your own. So be mindful! 


Going through hair ups and downs is a natural part of growing up. However, the perceptions she develops in her youth will influence her sense of identity when she becomes an adult – especially when it comes to hair and its important link to feelings of attractiveness. Teaching her how to embrace (vs. fight against) her curls will do wonders for her overall esteem. 

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